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Silk 2 color braided cord kumihimo 1mm 2meters Japanese silk cord “youkaku”


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This kumihimo is a pure & genuine silk braid.
This thin and sharp braid is called “yokaku-gumi”
We arranged them vertically in two colors.
This silk braids have square cross-sections.
The same 8 balls make them as the rounded “Edo-uchi-himo”, but this braid is slightly stiffer than “Edo uchi-himo.”
Also, when “youkaku” braided thinner, it produces a sharper cord.
It features a square cross-section with corners. 2 colors of silk threads are used, so we recommend using it for jewelry with particular attention to detail. It is also suitable for making spiritual jewelry with natural stones because of its hardness and resistance to unraveling.

1-Deep blue
2-Sand & Beige
3-Red & mint green
4-Blue ocean
5-Flesh leaf green
6-Gentle pink

Thickness: 1mm
Length :2 meters

Made in KYOTO/ Japan Kyoto kumihimo

Kumi-himo, made of fine threads gathered and bound together, has been treasured as a good-luck charm in Japan.
Kumihimo Braided cords have the following meaning:
-Connecting things to things
-Connecting people to people
-Tie a relationship
and is considered a good-luck charm.
They are used as obijime for kimonos and as decorative cords for scrolls, Buddhist ritual utensils, and sutras.


1-Deep blue, 2-Sand & Beige, 3-Red & mint green, 4-Blue ocean, 5-Flesh leaf green, 6-Gentle pink


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