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Golden Beige Silk round braided cord kumihimo Japanese cord/0.7mm~2mm/1 meter Edouchihimo 8 strand braid/for jewelry/ Kyoto kumihimo/#31


This is a *pure* mulberry silk braid. Japanese kumihimo cord.
These braided cords are made of natural silk. Not the fake silk made of synthetic fibers.
You will be fascinated by the beauty that only the real thing has.
You can make a Beige (golden sand color) braided silk cord necklace or bracelet.
You can use it as a pendant cord.
Many jewelry makers and apparel brands use our silk cord.
-High-quality silk is used, and the touch is very smooth.
-It is glossy and has no fluff.

Width: 0.7mm~2mm
This thickness is when stretched.
The unstretched cord is bolder. Please refer to the photo with the scale.
(It differs slightly depending on the measurement method.)

We can sell wholesale if you order over 30m per 1 roll.
You can choose from 64 of our color swatches. (This listing is #31)
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to make your original silk cord.

Material: 100% silk

*The art of braiding* About KUMIHIMO in JAPAN*
Kumi-himo, made of fine threads gathered and bound together, has been treasured as a good-luck charm in Japan.
Kumihimo Braided cords have the following meaning:
-Connecting things to things
-Connecting people to people
-Tie a relationship
and is considered a good-luck charm.
They are used as obijime for kimonos and as decorative cords for scrolls, Buddhist ritual utensils, and sutras.


0.7mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm