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Japanese Linen mosquito net fabric 100cm/ Kaya cloth/ Linen 100% Made in Kyoto / unwashed linen fabric/ asa kayaori


Long-established genuine Japanese mosquito net fabric 100cm wide, 100% linen, mesh gauze, made in Japan
-Price per meter
-Approx. 100 cm wide

We deliver “craftsman’s special” fabrics directly from a textile factory in Kyoto, Japan.

This item is a mosquito net fabric with selvage made of genuine linen supplied to a long-established mosquito net workshop in JAPAN.
Antique shuttle looms give it a texture similar to that of carefully woven by hand.

You can use it not only for mosquito nets but also for curtains, partitions, and stoles.
You can dye a white (bleached) fabric with plants and vegetables.
This fabric is freshly woven and glued. Before use, be sure to rinse the fabric gently with water.
Soak in lukewarm water or water for at least 30 minutes, then drain gently and dry naturally. Please be careful not to squeeze too hard, as this may cause the fabric to fray.
After drying, the texture of the fabric will be fine.
The fabric has a hardness characteristic of linen, but it will become softer with each use.

Please enjoy the traditional Japanese culture of mosquito net fabric to the fullest.

Width-About 100cm
Material -25thread count 100% linen
Color-2 colors
Production-Made in Japan (Kyoto)

This fabric has not washed after weaving. So, it is a bit solid at first.
Please run it through the water as it is still woven (raw).
After passing through water, the fabric will shrink by approximately 5-10%.
If wrinkles bother you, please iron the fabric while it is half-dried.
Although it does not affect the quality, frayed edges, thread adhesion, and folded wrinkles may occur.
There are some smells, slubs, and neps peculiar to natural materials.


White, Unbleached


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