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BOOK “Awa no Kusazome namidairo; The dye plants of Awa” plant dye in AWA Indigo dyeing ver by Seiko Akiyama : ENGLISH translated version


This long-selling book by Tokushima dyer Akiyama Seiko, who has dyed seven diverse colours from indigo plants, describes in an easy-to-understand manner how to dye dye dye plants found in the mountains and fields, and how to build indigo plants and indigo dye them, based on her many years of experience.

We translated this book from ” the Japanese version of Awa no Kusa Zome Namidairo, written by Seiko Akiyama,” revised on January 30, 2009. (Indigo ai-dyed edition page only)
Translated by Ann K Nakamura.
The cover is a hand-screened paper made by hand by washing the stems of Ichibi (Kiriasa, Boma), which grows naturally in Awa and mixing only the inner skin with Awa Japanese paper and Kozo Japanese paper.
Seiko Akiyama wrote the content based on years of experimentation and experience.

Author:Seiko Akiyama
Size : 26.8*19cm Hand-binding book
Pages :71pages

“Awa no Kusazome Tear Colour”