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Chusen hand-Pour-dye tenugui hand towel, Kaiunn plum, happy, luck-plum, auspicious./Cotton 100% / Made in Japan/13inch x 35.5inch


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The language of flowers in plum blossoms is ‘elegance’ and ‘integrity.’
The bright colors of red and white are ideal for celebratory occasions.
As a handkerchief for wiping hands. As wrapping for bottles of wine, sake, and other beverages and as lunch box wrappers. Decorate your room as an interior tapestry.
You can use in a variety of ways, depending on your ideas.
It makes a beautiful interior decoration if displayed with a frame above and below.
(Frame sold separately).

“Chusen” hand pour dye tenugui hand towel, a traditional technique born in the Meiji era.

Product dimensions.
92 cm (length), 34 cm (width).

100% cotton

Country of origin