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Can I order Tassel cord?

We can make a cord with tassels (“Fusahimo” in Japanese).

The tassels are all handmade & custom ordered.
You can change the tassel type, size, and length.
For decorative tassels, the wood core will be inserted.

Our cords are Japanese tassels. They are used many in shrines and temples.

3 types of tassel

Our tassels come in three types. (from left to right)

  1. untied tassels
  2. cut tassels without molded head
  3. cut tassels with a molded wooden core

Examples of tassel cord

These tassel cords are made for the jewelry maker.

Custom Cord 7mm tassel 8cm  (15mm wood mold inside)
Custom Cord 5mm tassel 6cm  (11mm wood mold inside)
Custom Cord 3mm tassel 5cm  (11mm wood mold inside)

This string was ordered as a pull cord to open a ceiling door. It has a tassel string on one side only. To increase the strength of the cord, a polyester cord is inserted in the core of the silk braid.

5mm cord (90cm) +6cm tassel(18mm wood mold inside)

Made for sword bag. 5mm cord (240cm) +12cm tassel(18mm wood mold inside)

Decorative knot cord

There are a variety of decorative knots in Japan. Decorative knots can also be ordered. Each knot is tied by hand carefully.


For DIY lovers, we can provide thread & wood cores the same as our product.

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