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The Japanese fabric clothes we want: Proper everyday wear and slightly fashionable wear Bags/ Japanese sewing BOOK


A book of clothes and bags made with Japanese cloth.
This is a book of clothes and bags made of Japanese cloth.
The silhouette is relaxed, and the stitching and decorations are elegant.
Simple, but not too plain.
The clothes are simple but not too plain, and easy to wear while looking neat.
All items are free size.
All the garments are free size, but they are designed to be easily adjusted to fit your style.
There is a photo explanation of how to make the pockets and other interesting details.

If you are going to use Japanese cloth, you should make use of the texture and power of the cloth.
If you use too much, it will be too gimmicky and difficult to use in daily life.
If it’s too simple, it will look plain.
Ms. Okazaki’s clothes have just the right amount of fashion.
As we get older, our tastes change in terms of the shape and comfort of the clothes that suit us.
This is the real close of Japanese cloth.

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Publisher: Graphic Publishing (1/7/2022)
Release Date : January 7, 2022
Language : Japanese
book (softcover) : 120 pages
Dimensions : 19 x 1.1 x 25.7 cm