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Tenugui towel fabric uncut Japanese traditional pattern “Ume-bachi bowl of plum blossoms” /Cotton 100% / Made in Japan


Tenugui is a traditional Japanese cotton fabric, and It was originally used as a hand towel.

You can use it as handkerchiefs, hand-wrapped as bandanas, wrapped around things, wrapped up things, made placemats, made into cloths, used as body towels, etc … With convenient usage that you can use immediately!

It is a piece of traditional Japanese pattern hand tenugui fabric.
With pigment printing, almost all the color goes through to the back.
The tenugui is highly absorbent and quick-drying, so it is perfect for the sweaty summer season.

[Pattern] bowl of plum blossoms
[Color] Pink
[Material] 100% cotton
[Size] 1 piece (approx. 33 cm x approx. 900 cm for 10 hand towels)
It is folded like Accordion every 90 cm. You can make 10 tenugui when cut it by 90cm.

[made in Japan]

*Since it is dyed, the color may fade. We recommend single washing for the first wash.