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Tenugui set of 10 Japanese tenugui towel small traditional pattern set J /Cotton 100% / Made in Japan/13inch x 35.5inch


Tenugui is a traditional Japanese cotton cloth, and It was originally used as hand towels

You can use it as handkerchiefs, hand-wrapped as bandanas, wrapped around things, wrapped up things, made placemats, made into cloths, used as body towels, etc … With convenient usage that you can use immediately!

[Material] 100% cotton / pigment print
[Pattern] (From the top left of the first top image)
Mimasu, hemp leaf (dark blue), fireworks (dark blue), checkered (dark blue), dragonfly
Small flower (pink), rabbit, goldfish, peach rabbit, checkered(red)
Individual packaging is not done. It will be packed together.
It is very affordable because it is purchased directly from Japanese producers. Please let me know if you need a lot.

Both ends of the Japanese hand towel are cut end. Because the end isn’t stitched, it dries quickly, it’s hygienic and doesn’t accumulate dirt and dust, and suits the hot and humid Japanese climate. In addition, because it doesn’t have any stitching, when used tightly and drained off, it’s convenient and easy to handle.

A new hand towel becomes frayed at both ends at first, but settles down as you wash it several times, and it stops naturally about 1cm from the end. When it gets frayed through washing, please use scissors to cut the long threads that stick out.

Japanese traditional pattern TENUGUI 10set
Size: about 33 × 90 cm  13inch x 35.5inch
Material: 100% cotton
Country of production: Japan