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How finish the silk cord necklace ?

I was often asked

"How you finish off the ends/keep them from fraying? Is it best to use some sort of end cap? Or glue the ends?"

There are some methods.
If you use a clasp or metal finding for closure, the end cap will be the best.
Since 1mm is thin, there may not be end caps that fit. In that case, you may use a Crimp Bead.

If you make a sliding knot for necklace, Just tie and make it naturally fray. It will be “BOHO” style natural necklace.

If you want to make fringed end, tie the end and make a little fringe.
Fray cord , and steam it.Careful application of steam will straighten the silk.

Glue the end

You can use glue if you do not want it to fray quickly.
In this case, use synthetic rubber-based glue.

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