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Can I dye the silk cord?

Yes, you can.

Silk braided cords can be dyed.

If you cannot find the color you like, consider dyeing it yourself. It is easier if you follow the instructions.
Silk is particularly easy to dye.

What to prepare:.
Acid dye, vinegar, gloves, hot water, chopsticks, stainless steel or enamel pot.
In small quantities, you can dye even in glass bottles.

  1. Soak the cord to be dyed in water beforehand.
  2. Dissolve the dye in hot water and add vinegar.
  3. Add the string and stir gently to avoid uneven dyeing.
  4. Leave until the hot water cools.
  5. Wash. In some cases, use a color stopper (e.g. for darker colors).

For detailed dyeing instructions, follow the instructions for the respective dye.

With this method, you can dye gradation strings, speckled strings, and other strings as you wish.

Dyeing with plants and trees is also recommended.

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