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Tsuyutsuki Style Tsumami kanzashi for anniversaries縲窶扎are” & “Ke” days with Tsumami works / Japanese Craft Book


You can easily make cute flowers with scraps and leftover cloth. This is the second book by Tsuyu Tsuki, the author of popular classes and kits.
This book introduces authentic kanzashi (Japanese hairpin) which you want to make for Shichi-Go-San and Seijin-Seiki (coming-of-age ceremony), how to do it easily with tools at home and knobbly accessories which are easy to match with yukata and everyday clothes. It also introduces the process of making knobbler’s work and the basics of tsumami work with pictures and illustrations.
The number of works and the variations of tsumami works is increased prepare from the previous book. 
It comes with a petal guide sheet that can be used in the CD case, so anyone can make beautiful petals without worrying about the angle of the petals.

Release Date : June 29, 2015
Book : 96 pages
ISBN-10 : 4529054594
ISBN-13 : 978-4529054591
Publisher : Nihon Vogue (June 29, 2015)
Language: Japanese

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