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Three-dimensional embroidery with flowers and accessories (Nippon Bungeisha)Japanese embroidery Book


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What is three-dimensional embroidery? How is it made?
Three-dimensional embroidery, also known as “stamp work”, is a type of embroidery that originated in Europe.
The size and appearance of the embroidered items can be changed by the original technique.
The secret of Atelier Fil’s popularity is the ability to make them look just like the real thing.
Each flower is made with reference to actual plants, from the petals to the core of the flower, as the real thing itself.

Release Date : 9/19/2019
Book : 96 pages 174×182mm 200g
ISBN-10 : 4537217243
ISBN-13 : 978-4537217247
Publisher : Nippon Bungeisha (19 Sep 2019)
Language: : Japanese