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Tenugui towel white solid UNCUT sarashi 10m/20yarn count縲”BUN”/Japanese Cotton 100% /Good for sashiko /Made in Japan


Tenugui is a traditional Japanese cotton fabric, and It was originally used as a hand towel.

You can use it as handkerchiefs, hand-wrapped as bandanas, wrapped around things, wrapped up things, made placemats, made into cloths, used as body towels, etc … With convenient usage.
White plain fabric
Uncut standard hand towels. Most popular as sarashi fabric.

“BUN”:The yarn is slightly thick and the texture is loose. (20yarn count, 43 threads/inch).
Good for kitchen cloth “Sashiko Fukin”, “HANA Fukin” as it absorbs water well
It is the same as Sashiko fukin fabric of Olympus.

Recommended for dyeing and sashiko.
Also good for kimono kitsuke, Flatten your chest for cosplay,

Width: 33cm Length:10M

Made in Japan