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Te kumo shibori Hand wind Spiderweb Tie-dye tool set Japanese shibori tool with English Instructions / tool for the Art of Japanese Shibori


This kit allows you to experience & start “tegumo shibori te-kumo tye dye” (spider tie dye) used in the Japanese Arimatsu shibori.
It includes a needle for tegumo shibori used by Japanese Ariatsu craftsmen.
The famous Arimatsu (Nagoya City) hand spider shibori is made by hooking the fabric onto a special hook and wrinkling it with the fingertips like the bamboo skeleton of an umbrella.
Dye is not included.
-1-Tenugui cloth(90cm), 5pc–if you do not need tenugui, choose “with out tenugui”option.
-2-Stainless Steel Shibori Hook for Tegumo
Made in Japan from rust-resistant stainless steel, these angled hooks are a modern version of those used by shibori artisans in Arimatsu. Use these shibori hooks to create Tegumo (spiderweb) shibori patterns.
Approx. 23cm (9in) long.”
You will need a stand to hold the hooks in place, although you can substitute something you have in your home. If you want a special stand, please contact us.
-3-thread for tie-dyeing
This 100% cotton thread is the same kind used by professional shibori artisans in Arimatsu.
It has a soft twist which allows for some give when wrapping fabric, resulting in a cleaner, tighter pattern.
Use for all types of bound patterns including Tegumo, Makiage, Boushi, and Tesuji.
Approx. 570m (623yd)
-4-kuda” Handmade Long Shibori Bobbin
Handmade in Japan, these wooden bobbins are easy to pass between hands, useful for bound shibori patterns including Tegumo (spiderweb) and Tesuji (hand-pleated) shibori patterns.
Approx. 13 x 1.5cm (5 x .5in).”
-5-instruction manual for hand spider tie-dyeing (English & Japanese)”

*For those who are looking for more Japanese shibori tools*
I will send you list of tools.
Please contact me

Arimatsu tekumo shibori