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Simple embroidery with a continuous pattern(Nippon Bungeisha)Japanese embroidery Book


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Many people enjoy embroidering but find it a hassle to copy a design before they do so. Perhaps that’s why cross-stitch and stitching at a glance are so popular. These embroidery techniques, in which you count the squares on the chart and the squares on the cloth, are called count stitch. This book is a collection of illustrations for the count stitch.

It’s cute to stitch a single pattern as a single point, but the beauty of count stitch is that you can create a completely different look by lining it up vertically or horizontally. The book also introduces variations in the arrangement of the stitches and different colors, but we encourage you to enjoy making your own arrangements.

Release Date : 8/9/2018
Softcover: 96 pages
ISBN-10 : 4537215976
ISBN-13 : 978-4537215977
Product dimensions: 174×182mm 200g
Publisher : Nippon Bungeisha (8/9/2018)
Language: : Japanese