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Silk Twisted cord for shifuku yorihimo hand twisted cord “kagari ito” for Shifuku 9meters / for mending your Tea Container bag of sado


Twisted cord is used to make the part of the shimeo that is threaded through the shifuku. This process is called ‘kagaru’ or ‘kagari-tsukeru’, hence the name ‘kagari-ito’.
There are two thicknesses of twisted cord (kagari-ito): ‘normal’ and ‘fine’.
The length of one bundle is 9 meters.
The thin type is suitable for making small objects such as incense containers and teacups and for the edges of kaishi-ire (tea ceremony utensils).
Normal is suitable for the string threads of tea containers, tea bowls, other small items, and the string threads of kinchaku bags.

The thickness of the cord is only a guide. There are slight differences depending on the state of assembly at the time.
  The information is provided for your reference only.

Length: 9 meters hand twisted cord
Thickness: Normal–more than 1mm/ Fine–less than 1mm
Silk 100%
Made in Japan Kyoto


Reddish-purple, Greyish blue-green, Deep red, Dark yellow


Normal, Fine