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Silk Tsuka ito 10mm (thickness 1.5mm) katana cord 4m/tsukamaki MADE in JAPAN/ Japanese samurai sword silk cord/ Sword Hilt Wrapping Cord


Length: 4meter
Width: 10mm

Made to order : production time 2weeks

Tsuka ito is the name for the silk or cotton or leather cord used to wrap katana tsuka.(Japanese sword handle)
This is a pure silk tsukaito.

-High-quality pure silk is used and the touch is very smooth.
-It is glossy and has no fluff.

Width: Approximately 10 to 11mm
(The cord has a little stretchness)
Thickness :1.5mm
( It differs slightly depending on the measurement method.)
The cord stretches and shrinks when pulled, and the width of the product notation is the width when pulled to some extent.

Guide line for length:

WAKIZASHI (6″ tsuka) –3m of ito
KATANA (10″ tsuka) –4m of ito
KATANA (11.5″ tsuka) –5m of ito

Made proudly in Japan
Material: 100% silk

Real color silk sample

*Please note*
Tsuka-ito is made to order; it is not mass-produced. It will take about 2 weeks for your order to be woven.
Since it is made to order, you cannot change or cancel your order once weaving has started.

Thank you!

Kaga Color

BG1:Light Brown, BG2:Deciduous brown, BG3:Dark Brown, BG4:Yellow Green, BG5:Ivy Green, BG6:Olive Green, BL1:Sky Blue, BL2:Azure Blue, BL3:Asagi Blue, BL4:Navy blue, BL5:Iron blue, BL6: Deep Navy blue, MIX1, MIX2, P1:Light purple, P2:Purple, P3:Red deep purple, RY1:Deep vermilion, RY2:Red, RY3:Vermilion (syuiro), RY4:Pink, RY5:Yellow Ocher, WB1:White, WB2:Ivory, WB3:Beige, WB4:Light Gray, WB5:Bluish Gray, WB6:Black


4meters, 5meters