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Silk round braided cord kumihimo 10mm 100cm THICK Japanese silk cord “Kara-uchi-himo” 16 strand braid/MADE in JAPAN


Kumi-himo, made of fine threads gathered and bound together, has been treasured as a good-luck charm in Japan.
Kumihimo Braided cords have meaning:
-Connecting things to things
-Connecting people to people
-Tie a relationship
and is considered a good-luck charm.
They are used as obijime for kimonos and as decorative cords for scrolls, Buddhist ritual utensils, and sutras.

This is a pure silk braid.
This is a type of braided cord called karauchi.
Using 16 bobbins, this is an elegant cord with a fine braid.
The 10mm thick karauchi string has a cotton or acrylic core thread inside.
Although it is more expensive, it is possible to change to a silk core, so please inquire if you wish.

For making samurai armor YOROI & KABUTO (for shinobi-no-o)
for making accessories.
-High-quality silk is used and the touch is very smooth.
-It is glossy and has no fluff.

The color sample photo is a flat cord, the same color as a round cord.

Width: Approximately 10mm
(It differs slightly depending on the measurement method.)

If you want to finish it with tassel ends, Please feel free to ask me.

made in KAGA Japan
Material: 100% silk

*Please note*
It is not mass-produced. It will take about 2 weeks for your order to be woven.
Since it is made to order, you cannot change or cancel your order once weaving has started.

Kaga Color

BG1:Light Brown, BG2:Deciduous brown, BG3:Dark Brown, BG4:Yellow Green, BG5:Ivy Green, BG6:Olive Green, BL1:Sky Blue, BL2:Azure Blue, BL3:Asagi Blue, BL4:Navy blue, BL5:Iron blue, BL6: Deep Navy blue, MIX1, MIX2, P1:Light purple, P2:Purple, P3:Red deep purple, RY1:Deep vermilion, RY2:Red, RY3:Vermilion (syuiro), RY4:Pink, RY5:Yellow Ocher, WB1:White, WB2:Ivory, WB3:Beige, WB4:Light Gray, WB5:Bluish Gray, WB6:Black