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Kimono upcycled Silk hand made flower brooch corsage made from Vintage Japanese Kimono FABRIC/ shibori orange


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Introducing our sustainable and ethically crafted brooch, meticulously handmade to exude a captivating glamour. Adorned with a delightful bouquet of flowers, each petal is meticulously crafted from repurposed kimono fabric, embodying the beauty of recycling. The whimsical small flowers sway in the air, evoking an undeniable charm.

Every brooch is a testament to individual artistry, skillfully crafted from upcycled kimono scraps, ensuring a design and texture that is truly one-of-a-kind. Embrace the uniqueness of this accessory, as its distinctiveness cannot be found anywhere else.

Versatile and eco-conscious, this brooch effortlessly elevates your ensemble while minimizing environmental impact. By effortlessly attaching it to clothing, bags, or hats according to the season, you subtly enhance your outfit, all while making a sustainable fashion statement. From everyday wear to important occasions, this brooch proves to be a valuable and conscious addition to your accessories collection.

Material: 100% Silk (Upcycled from kimonos)