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Japanese cotton mosquito net kitchen cloth / Beautiful and gentle mosquito net 30X40cm / White / Kaya cloth/ Cotton 100% Made in Nara


~Beautiful and gentle mosquito net kitchen cloth born in Princess Kaguyahime.

Size: Approx. 30cm x 40cm
Material 100% cotton
Number of layers: 5 layers
Color White (bleached)

This kitchen cloth is made by layering 100% cotton mosquito net fabric and has excellent water absorbency and quick-drying properties. It is always clean because it is resistant to odors and stains, and the more it is washed, the softer it becomes and the more it conforms to the skin. The more it is used, the softer it becomes, and the more it blends in with the skin. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

Cautions for use
Due to the characteristics of mosquito nets, the fabric will have glue on it. Please wash before use. Hand wash or place in a net and do not use a dryer.
When washed, the mosquito net fabric will shrink by approximately 15%. Due to the characteristics of the material, it may become loose when subjected to a strong force.

This fabric is Japanese Cotton traditional Mosquito Net Fabric made in Nara.
Mosquito net fabric is mainly made of 20-count yarn with a density of around 20 warp threads and 20 weft threads per inch, and plain weave fabric is called net mosquito fabric.
Because it absorbs water well and dries quickly, we often use it as a “mosquito net dishcloth/KAYA FUKIN/Hanafukin”.
In recent years, apparel makers have also used it for stoles and other garments because of its soft texture and pleasant feel against the skin.
The fabric you will receive is freshly woven and taut with glue.
When the glue is removed by gently washing(use 40c /100 F hot water), the fabric becomes very soft and pleasant to the touch.

You can use it not only for mosquito nets but also for curtains, partitions, and stoles.
Suitable for indigo dye, Bergara dye, kakishibu , or another Vegetable dyeing.

Please enjoy the traditional Japanese culture of mosquito net fabric to the fullest.

Nara’s local industry has been weaving mosquito nets since the Edo period.
Mosquito nets were the wisdom of life when people lived with the wind, a culture that can be said to be the heart and soul of the Japanese people.

As lifestyles have changed, we rarely see mosquito net hanging scenes anymore, but they are still in great demand for wallpaper materials and dish towels, and there are many weavers in Nara.

In the hot season, mosquito net fabric is comfortable on bare skin, cool and light, and can be washed quickly and dried quickly. It is warm and comfortable in the cold season thanks to multiple layers of 100% cotton mosquito net fabric.

While wearing materials reminiscent of the good old days of Japan, Please enjoy the four seasons in comfort and abundance with net mosquito fabric.

Advantages of coarse texture
-Water absorbency
-Bacteria do not multiply easily
-Becomes softer with each use

Advantages of natural materials
-Environmentally friendly material (returns to the soil)
-Can be used for babies
-Can be used as a PR product for SDGs
-Can be used by people with weak skin or allergies
Cautions for use
-The fabric is glued first. Please do not wash before cutting and sewing.
-The fabric will shrink by about 10% to 15% when washed. Please calculate the shrinkage when making the fabric.
-Please do not wash if you prefer to keep the glue on the fabric.
-The fabric is coarse-textured, so there is a risk of roughness and slippage if the fabric is pulled hard.
-Since 100% cotton is used, there may be some blackish dots. These are called “cotton waste” and are unique to natural fibers.

How to use mosquito net fabrics
You can use Mosquito net fabrics for
-Mosquito net curtains
-Mosquito net kets
and other various uses.

1m: 70g


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