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Goshuincho Buddhist GOSYUIN Stamp Collection Book Folded 22P travel notebook made of Japanese paper/ yuzen washi/Pine, bamboo and plum Red


This Japanese stamp book was individually handmade by craftsmen in Kyoto.
-What is “Goshuin”?
It is a mark given as a testimony when visiting a shrine or temple. The names of shrines and temples, the names of the principal idols, the dates of worship, etc. are written in ink.

-Japanese paper is used for the cover of “Goshuincho”
Japanese paper has strength and excellent storage stability. In addition, the gold processing used by the pattern has a luxurious feel.

-“Yuzen Japanese paper” dyed by craftsmen
It is a beautiful and colorful pattern that cannot be expressed by printing. A mold is required for each color to dye the pattern. Accurately overprints several molds. It is dyed one by one by craftsmen.

-It is a notebook folded in a bellows style.
The paper is doubled, making it difficult for the ink to set off.

-It is a size that can be carried compactly
At temples and shrines, the stamps are recorded according to the red stamp book, so even with this size, the red stamp will not stick out.

– Let’s go to the shrines and temples with the “Goshuincho”
“Goshuin” differs depending on the shrine or temple. It will be a good memory if you collect it as a record of your worship or as a memorial to your trip.

Size: 15.8 x 11 cm cm (B6 size)
11 piles (single-sided: 22 pages, double-sided: 44 pages).
(single-sided: 22 pages, double-sided: 44 pages)
Place of origin: Japan
Material/Composition: Cover: Yuzen Japanese paper, Inside paper: Japanese paper (Housho-shi)
Title sticker