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ULTRATHIN JAPANESE washi paper 20 color set 24 × 31cm / traditional kouzo washi paper/ Good for Chigiri-e art kozo 100%(mulberry) paper


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You will be amazed at the beauty of Japanese washi and how thin it is.
For chigiri-e, harie-e, paper painting and handicrafts.
Dimensions of the washi are approx. 31 cm x 24 cm.
Dyed with uneven blurring in shades of similar colours.
It is sometimes used as a background for chigiri-e and other artworks.
The thickness is extremely thin, about the thickness of a sheet of tissue paper.
The raw material is 100% kozo (paper mulberry).
Set of 20 sheets in 20 colours.
Pure kouzo, machine-made washi,

It is a very thin Japanese paper of about 1 tissue paper. The raw material is 100% kouzo.

*About Chigiri-e*
Chigirie, or Chigiri-e, is the Japanese art of tearing handmade paper (washi) and applying it to board with seaweed-based glue to form images traditionally depicting nature. i.g. Kiyoshi Yamashita and Others

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