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Gold & Silver round metallic cord kumihimo 2mm 5m Japanese kumihomo cord “kara-uchi-himo”/MADE in JAPAN


Kumi-himo, made of fine threads gathered and bound together, has been treasured as a good-luck charm in Japan.
Kumihimo Braided cords have the following meaning:
-Connecting things to things
-Connecting people to people
-Tie a relationship
and is considered a good luck charm.
They are used as obijime for kimonos and as decorative cords for scrolls, Buddhist ritual utensils, and sutras.

High-grade stranded silver cord.
In Japanese, it is called “Yori-kin” and “Yori-gin” and is made with thin silver applied thread.

1. Gold—made of stranded silver thread colored with gold color
2. Silver—made of stranded silver thread
3. Gold & white—-made of stranded silver colored with gold color& white Rayon thread
4. Silver & white—-made of stranded silver & white Rayon thread

For making Japanese Jewelry. Kanzashi,
for making accessories.
This is called Kara-uchi, and it is hollow inside.
It can be formed by inserting a thin wire.

Width: Approximately 2mm
(It differs slightly depending on the measurement method.)
Length: 5m

made in KAGA, Japan
Material: Silver & Rayon


Gold, Silver, Gold & White, Silver & White