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Fantastic Silver kumihimo cord with iridescent melange tint Japanese kumihimo cord “Edo-uchi-himo” 8 strand braid/MADE in JAPAN


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This kumihimo is a beautiful silver kumihimo with iridescents tint.
For making Cool jewelry for the minimalist.
The shimmering silver of the braided cord will enchant you.
It is suitable for making accessories or jewelry in combination with beads with large holes.
It is made in a traditional Japanese kumihimo workshop.
It is woven with eight bobbins using metallic thread.
It is hard touch and good for accessories using the Knot technique.
This braided cord has a rough texture because it is made of silver foil processed into threads.
Please be careful when making jewelry that directly touches the skin.

Width: Approximately 1.2mm 1.5mm 2mm/ Length : 1meters
(It differs slightly depending on the measurement method.)

Material: metallic thread

Iga City in Mie Prefecture has long been known as the hidden home of the Ninja. Closed off from the rest of the country by mountains on all four sides, this closed-off area has led to the development of the kumihimo industry, which requires a lot of patience. In the workshops of Iga, the old kumihimo machines, which are highly valuable, are kept in good condition and are used every day to make beautiful, strong and precise kumihimo.


1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm