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Dreams Come True Lucky Knot Japanese kumihimo Bracelet / with Mizuhiki Gift Box


*NEW* item for your Xmas gift! We knot the “KANO-dream come true-” knot bracelet with our prayer for your happy 2023 “Dreams Come True”!
We made this kumi-himo bracelet to wish you and your loved ones happiness in the coming year.
Each bracelet has an auspicious knot in the center, which means “dreams come true”.
Please also note the vivid colors.
We deliver it in a gift box made of traditional Japanese paper and mizuhiki!

Size: Main body 15 cm, adjuster 5 cm, pull ring
Cord thickness: 2.5mm
It comes with a 5 cm adjuster, so you can give it as a gift without worrying about her or his wrist size.
GIFT package: It comes in the gift box with a handmade Mizuhiki charm so that you can feel “Japan”

*-About Knot-*
This bracelet has a lucky knot in the center, known as a “come true” knot in Japan.
The knot is used for good luck charms because the shape of the knot looks like the Chinese character for “kano” (“kano” meaning to make a wish come true, to make a dream come true, to make a thought come true, etc.).
The vivid colors are reminiscent of furisode kimonos, and will add a gorgeous touch to your wrist.
*-About Material-*
We use two types of braids for this bracelet.
One is a traditional braided cord made of natural silk with a graceful flowing arrangement of threads called “shiren-gumi.
This is a kumi-himo called “Sea weave (SEIKA)” or “4 layer braid”, which alternately combines four twisted silk threads, reminiscent of the waves of the sea.
One gold thread is included, so you can enjoy a sparkling, jewel-like shimmer.
You can see the art of Japanese silk braid with it.
The other is a kumi-himo 8 strand edouchihimo made of “Toray SILLOOK (TM) ” fiber.
Toray SILLOOK (TM) is a Luxury silk-like fiber that faithfully reproduces silk fiber and is currently used for kimono and other items as the only material that can compensate for the disadvantages of silk, a natural fiber.It is designed at the nanometer level to the functional beauty of synthetic fibers
Notice how this bracelet old traditional culture and advanced technology are fused.
*-About Color-*
–Feng Shui color meanings–
-Red “to invigorate luck
-Yellow “increases luck in money
-Blue “Increases luck in love & trust
-Green “Increases health luck”
-Black “Repels evil spirits”
-Purple “Increases inspiration”
-Pink “increases the general luck of women”.
*International Buyers – Please Note:*
We do not include Import duties, taxes, and charges in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.
Please check with your country’s customs office to determine these additional costs before ordering


Purple, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black & Red, Sky Blue