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Kakishibu–Ecological dyestuff

kakishibu powder

Dyeing with kakishibu, you can enjoy “Japan Brown”.
Kakishibu dye gives a beautiful, aged patina. Kakishibu is interesting stuff, it gets darker with age and sun exposure, tends to show wear like indigo.

Also, You can enjoy a variety of ancient natural persimmon astringency.
You can enjoy the complex colors of nature and its transition. Layering on the ground color gives a solid color.

If you are interested in JAPAN Kakishibu persimmon tannin dyeing, this product is perfect!
The kakishibu juice was made into granules.
If you add water or hot water to this product, it will return to the astringent juice.
It can be used by dissolved as much as necessary when needed. Convenient product with excellent shelf life.
Normal liquid persimmon juice has a short expiration date, but this granular product can be stored for a long time.

Kakishibu is a completely environmentally friendly dye. It uses no extra water or fuel, and produces no waste liquids.