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Tokusen Special Mimasu Kakishibu Japanese Persimmon Tannin dye liquid trial 100ml MADE in JAPAN earth friendly eco dye


Natural paints and dyes that are friendly to people and the environment!
Established 150 years ago in Kyoto!
This Kakishibu is made by Mimashoten, a long-established persimmon tannin manufacturer in Kyoto, 150 years ago.
Mimasu’s persimmon tannin is a natural paint and dye made from carefully selected, fresh, high-quality small green astringent persimmon seeds that are pressed, filtered, fermented, and then slowly aged.
How to use
-Dilute undiluted Kakishibu (raw astringent persimmon juice) with tap water and use.
-For painting, dilute the undiluted solution with tap water to 2 times its original volume.
-For dyeing, dilute 2~10 times.


*Ecological Powdered kakishibu*

What is Kakishibu(persimmon tannin)?
Persimmon tannin is a natural water-resistant pigment.
Kakishibu is a natural water-resistant pigment made by fermenting the juice of crushed and pressed astringent persimmon fruit.
Kakishibu makes fabrics strong, antiseptic, and waterproof.
In the old days in Japan, persimmon tannin was used to make nets, umbrellas, dye stencils, and other water-related items.