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Japanese braid cord kumihimo gold & silver 1.5mm 10m made in KYOTO

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This kumihimo is like a sparkling star.
This is the highest quality braided cord using gold thread for the embroidery of high-class kimono obi.
The cord material is gold and silver thread made by skilled craftsmen in KYOTO.
Gold and silver threads are used in traditional Japanese textiles, and their beautiful shine attracts people.
This cord is made of embroidery threads used in traditional Japanese textiles such as obi and kimono, which are processed into kumihimo cords for use in accessories and decorations.
Add beautiful Japanese gold and silver shine to your creations.

[Color] Gold, Silver
[Number of threads] braided of 8 strands
[Length】 10m
[Thickness] 1.5mm
[Material] Polyester/Rayon (covered with silver)
[Touch] Rough to the touch
[Cut ends will not fray.

Care Note: Do not use a washing machine and dryer.
made in Kyoto Japan

*About Japanese gold and silver threads*
Pure silver is deposited on polyester film and wrapped around a rayon core. This keeps the silver from sulfuring and maintains its luster.