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Handcrafted Silk Cord Made from Upcycled Silk Kimonos for Necklace, Bracelet,Hair accessory Made in Japan Pink & white Fan


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Elevate your accessories with our handcrafted silk cords, meticulously crafted from upcycled silk kimonos.
Each cord is delicately sewn, incorporating acrylic yarn within the luxurious silk fabric.
With just the right thickness for necklaces and bracelets, every end is meticulously finished with hand stitching for a polished look.


Material: Upcycled silk kimonos
Construction: Silk fabric meticulously sewn with acrylic yarn
Thickness: Suitable for necklaces and bracelets
Finish: Hand-stitched ends for precision and refinement

Add a touch of elegance to your jewelry creations with our exquisite silk cords, each piece telling a story of sustainability and craftsmanship.

0.5cmX 100cm